Frequently Asked Questions


Private Equity Investment (PEI) are funds raised that might be used to develop new products, technologies, expand working capital and make acquisitions to private companies looking to grow and expand in exchange for their shares. The PEI company will pick the business that fits our investment criteria and have the potential to grow. We will then have a slice at the returns of a business.

Participating in Private Equity Investment means that PE firms will buy and try to add value to the companies believed to have significant growth possibilities and make them even more profitable. Private Equity Investment is relatively new in Malaysia and successful exits can take anywhere from 3 to 10 years. Naturally, PEI’s attracts both high potential businesses as investors eager to diversify their investment portfolios. Returns on the business funded are therefore commonly larger than conventional investment instruments. Apart from monetary returns, investing in businesses through PEI has other advantages such as investing in a list of anonymous portfolios from a large-cap company or publicly traded companies. This is because the Company chooses which type of businesses or ideas to focus on and invest in which they may be in line with goal.

As in all investments, there are always risks involved. It is key that the company plays a role in mitigating the risk factor(s), and that includes you as the investor, the entrepreneur, as well as the Private Equity Investment operator i.e. SARACORP RESOURCES BERHAD.

  • The investee companies SRB invest in companies, businesses and/or assets that comply with Shariah principles and meets any two of the following criteria:
    • Companies/businesses that have or are acquiring revenue-generating assets;
    • Companies that have or are acquiring existing profitable assets;
    • Companies/businesses/ assets that have strong cash-flow, with proven annual earnings.
    • Companies/businesses that have sufficient underlying assets to match the investment to be made by SRB.
    • Companies/businesses/assets that have procured or are backed by profitable and sustainable contracts.

Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent financial advice before committing yourself to any investment.

While risk can never be eliminated, SRB aims to identify risks to investors and help to reduce risk where possible. We have embedded key risk management strategies within our screening process to mitigate the associated risks, such as fraud and ensure the listing of quality deals (distinct product/services, high potential returns, Syariah compliant and sustainable business model, experienced management team with good track record).

SRB undertakes and covenant with the Subscriber that it shall:

  • take out and maintain the necessary insurance policies (during the periods in which such policies are relevant) in relation to its business.

All businesses that intend to raise financing through SRB have to undergo a 2-level screening process.

Businesses MUST pass all level of screenings to be listed as one of SRB’s investee companies.

Investors have protections through company law and securities law. Investors also have additional and well-defined protection through a shareholder i-RCPS agreement.

Investing Guidelines & Eligibility

You can subscribe as an investor immediately upon the sign-up process directly through the Company or through our Relationship Managers. You will then need to provide us with your personal details for us to conduct a KYC (Know-Your-Customer) to verify your identity to ensure all investors are who they claim to be.

This investment in only eligible for sophisticated investors and high-net-worth entities as per the Securities Commission guidelines described below:

  • Sophisticated Investor:High Net Worth Individual i.e. an individual with a total wealth or net personal assets exceeding RM 3 million or its equivalent in foreign currencies OR High Net Worth Entities (Companies/Corporations) i.e. corporation with total net assets exceeding RM 10 million or its equivalent in foreign currencies based on the last audited accounts.

As an investor, you are subject to the investment limits provided in clause 11.21 of the Guidelines on Regulation of Markets under Section 34 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007, there are no restrictions for Sophisticated Investors or high-net-worth entities in terms of maximum amount.

It is highly recommended that you diversify your investment portfolio across a spread of portfolio of investments and asset classes, to minimise your investment risks. Also, importantly, avoid investing any more than you are able to lose.

Understanding the Process

There are NO additional costs on the investor when you subscribe with SRB. All required government levies or taxes will be borne by the Company, when an investment is concluded. For example: stamp duty etc.

The minimum investment amount to invest in SRB is RM 250,000. The minimum requirement set Securities Commission following the investment limits provided in clause 11.21 of the Guidelines on Regulation of Markets under Section 34 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 by the listed businesses for funding.  For maximum amount, please refer to (How much can I invest?) stated above.

If fund reaches its maximum target raised, and SRB wishes to increase the fund size, the Company must issue a supplementary information memorandum to the Securities Commission on the increased amount intended or notice prior to any invitation or offer on subscription of i-RCPS of more than RM250 million. The value of an investment made prior to overfunding will remain the same, as the post-money valuation will go up by the amount invested.

Completing an Investment

You can make payment via cheque, IBTF or telegraphic transfers. Contact us via email at for further information. A member of our team will then contact you directly to facilitate the payment.

You are allowed to forfeit from a committed investment within 5 business days (cooling-off period) starting from the date of payment. You can do so by emailing us at Please state your full name, amount and the package of your subscription. A member of our team will then process this for you and send you a written confirmation of the cancellation.

SRB will provide a standard form of shareholders/investment agreement for use.

Private Equity Investment is a platform where entrepreneurs can raise funds for their business from a pool of investors. Companies who seek a potential partnership with SRB will provide information on the business, the amount of capital needed in exchange for shares offered.

Raising funds through Private Equity Investment means you get to swap shares in return for the financial assistance given by investors. For the investors, they could achieve higher returns from the businesses they have backed through SRB.

To undertake investment (s), the company may acquire existing companies or incorporate new companies for the injection or business operations to be acquired. The investment(s) may either take the form of:

  • Ordinary shares
  • Preference shares; and/or
  • Any other instrument/arrangement deem fit and appropriate by the company.

The company aims to be an investment holding company managing and providing strategic direction and optimal capitalisation to its investees, ensuring that these businesses achieve operational excellence.

Pitching guidelines & eligibility

Any company from various sectors and growth are welcomed to pitch their business. However, SRB intends to primarily invest in business opportunities across various industries that comply with the Shariah principles with the following requirements stipulated in OUR INVESTMENT CRITERIA.

If your business is NOT SIGNIFICANTLY (less than 33% source of revenue) involved in the following activities:

  • Gambling
  • Liquor and liquor-related activities
  • Pork and pork-related activities
  • Non-halal food and beverages
  • Tobacco, e-cigarettes and tobacco related products & activities
  • Adult-related content and entertainment; e.g pornography
  • Manufacturing and trading of weapons
  • Financial services based on interest
  • Conventional insurance

Understanding & preparing

To get your business funded by SRB, you’ll need to go through 2 (two) screening processes.

Level 1 Screening

This screening stage looks into the credit-worthiness of your business and primary team members. You will need to complete a form stating the main contact details, company information and address, as well as a list of your team members identifications. We will then run these through CTOS, CCRIS and DSCHEQs.

Level 2 Screening

If your company has passed the level 1 screening, the company shall contact you for the next stage which would include taking a look at your business plan as well as signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be able to access your latest financial position and at least a 3-year financial projection ready. This is where you will submit information on your business, state your funding requirements and what you will be using the funds for. In order to support the information provided, you will also need to enclose your contracts, assets under company litigations (if any), potential projects and other supporting documents required by SRB.

Application requirements

It is up to you to offer what you feel is a fair and reasonable share of their business in return for the amount of funding you intend to raise. Investors are not able to make investment bids for an equity stake and have to commit to investing at the offered level of the equity stake or not invest at all. This means that you could set the minimum amount of investment an investor can make in exchange for shares. You should, however, aim to offer equity at a level that is going to be attractive to potential investors.

For example, if you are a start-up business that offers only 5% equity in return for RM100,000 of funding, then you are effectively valuing your business at RM2,000,000; which in most cases will prove to be unreasonable and unlikely to reach your target.

A company is only as good as the team running the business. Behind every strong company lies its core team. Investors will be interested to know that you share your business with a team with the right skill sets, highly dedicated and experienced individuals. Sharing a little insight about your team will help ensure the investors that you have the right capability to carry out the proposed plan and deliver an exit/return on their investment.