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Choosing the right investor to help you expand your business is a challenge. To do it right, you need to woo, impress and persuade savvy investors to take a risk that your business has a very high reward-to-risk quotient. That your company has a stable (and expanding) cash flow and it is in the right sector of the economy. All it needs is additional capital injection to lead the industry.

  • Investment firms traditionally have a lot of investment proposals to wade through on an almost daily basis. They will sideline most because of the riskiness of the ventures. We are different. We are Saracorp Resources Berhad (SRB). We think possibilities.
  • Saracorp Resources Berhad (SRB) is a Malaysian public limited investment company that has interests in business opportunities across various industries that comply with Shariah principles. We have a collective investment and management experience of more than half a decade in industries such as media, education, plantation, and property and infrastructure development.
  • The present global economic conditions have enabled us to focus now on growth opportunities beyond your traditional areas: in healthcare and bio-technology, green and renewable energy sources and IR4.0 related sectors. With our partners and industry experts, SRB is acquiring existing companies and incorporating new companies for the injection of businesses in these areas.
  • SRB will manage and provide strategic direction to its investees. Our experienced investment team will ensure that we employ the right capitalization models so that these businesses achieve operational excellence and reward the shareholders handsomely.

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Saracorp Resources

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Target Business Sector

SRB intends to, without limitation, prioritize investment opportunities in the following industries:

  • Healthcare and healthcare-related;
  • Green technology and renewal energy source; and
  • Information technology.

Notwithstanding the above, the company may also invest in businesses/assets in other sectors that meets the company’s investment criteria.

Who we are

  • Our Board of directors comprise a combination of seasoned corporate players and up and coming personalities that lends opinions and advice across generation, gender and professional underpinnings to our investment specialists. They guide our investment decisions.
  • We experienced investment committee, led by former capital market specialist, Ahmad Zakie Ahmad Shariff is supported by a team of Shariah scholars and Islamic finance experts. It is this structure that has enabled us to identify good, shariah-compliant opportunities to invest in.